Originally, the game of tennis was played exclusively on natural grass. Nowadays, you will find this type of tennis surface increasingly rare, because it is so expensive and has a very low durability. Later on, the clay courts have seen the light of the day. This favourite type of tennis surface is commonly used, although its maintenance is very demanding the surface needs to be levelled and watered after each game, there is a necessity of regular servicing of the courts etc. Although the concrete tennis courts go past the problem with maintenance, they suffer yet another illness their surface is unpleasantly hard and, consequently, very demanding on players' health.

Modern artificial tennis surfaces pose an excellent solution to all these problems. By utilising a combination of high-quality grass yarn and silica sand, a tennis surface with optimal sports characteristics was created similar to those of a clay court. The artificial fibres lend the surface their elasticity while being stabilised by the silica sand support base. But the sand between the artificial fibres remains movable and therefore allows the player to slide to the ball, as is commonplace in case of a clay court. In addition, this type of tennis surface features a long durability with only minimal servicing needs.

An even better solution is currently the most modern and best tennis artificial surface - PU CLAY, which fully replaces clay.

PU Clay provides a number of benefits:

  • equally adapted for every season
  • is usable year round
  • does not leave ball marks
  • water permeability, breathable surface
  • can be installed on an existing tennis surface
  • low cost of construction and reconstruction
  • excellent non-slip properties, protects your joints and ligaments
  • suitable for barrier-free tennis
  • low maintenance
  • longer life
Standard clay court PU CLAY
ComfortMaintenance of approximately 5 hours per weekMaintenance of approximately 1 hour per week
Regular maintenanceApproximately 120 days a yearDoes not require regular maintenance
HardnessGood, as long as it is well wateredAlways regular, flat surface
BumpsWithout bumps, if the surface is dryAlways a regular surface, the ball bounces evenly
Lifecca 10 yearscca 20 years
Spring maintenance costscca 1100 1600 EURcca 150 200 EUR